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Lisa Sadlaczek


“The VetX Wildlife Capture & Care course has been one of the most hands-on and inspiring veterinary experiences of my life. Being a wildlife and zoo vet myself, my expectations were high. Not only did I improve my practical skills and confidence, I also learned a lot about the capture and immobilisation of different species, as well as conservation and human-wildlife conflicts. Hein very passionately shares his knowledge about african animals with his students, puts in a lot of effort to make a variety of captures possible and always encourages you to get out of your comfort zone. VetX works with very experienced vets, who are always happy to answer any question. Pierre gives amazing lectures, because he truly understands all veterinary topics to the core and his excitement for them makes it very easy to follow. Darting practice out of a helicopter was one of many highlights for me and because the programme closely works with incredible helicopter pilots and netgunners, students always get to be part of the action even if the vet is not needed to be there for relocating or checking an animal. I simply love the team’s philosophy that everyone becomes a friend to them and it truly felt like that to me, so it was very hard for me to leave that special place again after three unforgettable weeks in South Africa.”

Isla Hudgson

Phd Zoology & Research fellow at the University of Sterling

This was beyond one of the best experiences of my life 🇿🇦 In 2015 I took a break from research to volunteer in reserve management and conservation with Umkhondo Big-5 Wildlife Volunteering, and learn the ropes as a wildlife veterinary technician (literally – i mean often ropes with a giraffe attached to the other end) on their VetX programme. 

Silja Vayrynen


I feel this course was really worth of every penny, and exceeded expectations with every aspect. Im really happy all the things learned, and I felt very welcome from the beginning. Food was amazing! Only negative thing I can think about is that i had to leave too early.